Pink Elephants 2 slot


Although the phrase “pink elephants” is commonly used in English as a euphemism for alcoholic hallucinations, Pink Elephants is real. The fictional world of the slot is inhabited by cape hyraxes, in which human traits can be traced. As anyone interested in genetics knows, these mammals are the closest living relatives of elephants.

The sun-hot desert in which these animals live serves as the backdrop for this strange, funny and whimsically beautiful Thunderkick slot found in many Thunderkick online casinos.

As already mentioned, the scene of the game is a desert with stone statues of elephants deformed from the heat. The creators approached the design of the drums with the utmost responsibility: the characters look cute, they have a well-thought-out design, and in general there are no complaints about the visual part.

The music is strange and sinister. It combines something like Arabic brass music and high-pitched strings with deep improvisation of didgeridoo. The soundtrack contributes to the creation of a magical atmosphere, while it blends well with the desert motifs and echoes the theme of the elephants, which is the leitmotif of the game.

In the main game, the Scatter symbol triggers a bonus round, falling out in the amount of three or more. In the bonus round, the player receives several free spins: 7 for three Scatter symbols and 19 for six.

Pink Elephants is a visually great slot: creative, beautiful and with due attention to detail.

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