Cops and Donuts Slot


Slot details, gameplay, Cops And Donuts slot theme for successful play in Australia and New Zealand
Donut cravings among cops in the US have become part of the culture, and this slot game from IGT has taken that as the basis for casinos.

This is a typical 20-line slot machine that can be played from a penny to fifty cents per coin. Players can also choose the number of lines and the number of coins per line, the maximum number of which can be up to 5.

How to Play Cops And Donuts Slots?
There will be many characters in Cops & Donuts such as cops, handcuffs, criminals, police vans, etc., and you will have to play by matching the symbols on the reels. For example, there will be a Speed ​​Trap that will be activated when you find a police van on the first reel, then you can sometimes be stopped by the police and you have to choose from a list, which is the classic excuse for speeding. And every time you choose one excuse, you will be rewarded with your prize.

The Cops and Donuts suite has been tested and works. The glass set is in great shape. Round top glass is approximately 17 1/2 X 11 5/8. The bottom glass measures approximately 17 1/4 X 8 7/8. Game configuration – 5 reels / 20 lines. This is a multi-denomination game. The software numbers are CGF and PXLF – C0000597. SNDF (sound) – DSS00136. The base chip is I0000745. Game Chips – G0001897. The program you see in the picture may not look exactly like the kit you receive, because I have several kits for sale and I use my stock photo for them. Rest assured, you will receive the program numbers indicated by me in working order. The bonus rounds and graphics in this game are very entertaining! And yes, he’s playing the song “BAD BOYS”! The program and glass are shipped in the original casino glass case (pictured) to protect and store a set of glasses that you can replace.

Cops and donuts
When players are hot on the heels of slots, give them tons of laughter and excitement in the Cops and Donuts bonus game. The touchscreen is filled with colorful animated reel symbols that entertain and reward players with frequent hits, as well as promising lavish top rewards. Bonus game situations are riots written with derisive antics designed to attract an impatient audience.

Video slot machines usually come in several denominations and do not require coins. No coins means that the machines will accept all new $ 1 to $ 100 bills. These are extremely popular games for people who enjoy a lot of communication, sound and fun. We highly recommend buying LCD monitors for these games.

IGT IGame Plus
The famous IGT slot machines “IGame Plus” are a great way to fill the game room at no extra cost. This line combines popular gaming themes with a recognizable cabinet to grab the attention of players in your casino. IGT IGame Plus is a simple multi-line video game that will appeal to players of all ages, especially fans of classic IGT themes.

Features of the slot
The Cops and Donuts slot machine is a very bright game, which is loved by gamblers in New Zealand and Australia. This 20 line slot machine mainly uses cartoon style graphics, all the colors are so vivid, the background sound and music are funny and loud. There is nothing offensive in this game for the law enforcement agencies of the country.

After all, we can say that no other game from IGT is as fun as this one. It’s a cool, fun and colorful casino game that can win incredible prizes when played smartly.

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