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In Canada, illegal online casinos and online bookmakers have been paralyzed, reports The Bell. This is due to the measures taken by the Central Bank against the gray payment market. The newspaper claims that gamblers from Canada have practically lost the ability to place bets other than bitcoins. The legal lottery market is in the hands of one player, while the authorities are preparing to transfer the betting market to a single regulator.

The total volume of bets in online casinos speaking Canadian in 2016–2022 is estimated by experts at 1–1.5 billion euros per year. The revenue of bookmakers in 2019 exceeded 1 trillion rubles, but most of this money also fell on the zone of players who do not fully comply with the law. Now the multi-billion dollar illegal industry has virtually ceased operations since mid-January. If you want to see all the streams of this user, follow the link roshtein net worth where the latest episodes are published.

The Bell tried to place bets at the largest online casinos, but they all only accept cryptocurrency. In large cities, there are still opportunities for VIP clients who pay for the game in cash. Now the cost of such collection is 4-5 percent of the amount of the deposit, the source says, but this service makes sense for deposits of 100 thousand dollars or more.

Simultaneously with the cleaning of the market in Canada, a large-scale reform of the rules for bookmakers is being prepared, reminds The Bell. The head of Canadian boxing is considered the ideologist of the reform. The supervisory board of his federation includes the head of the security service of President Putin, deputy director of the FSO Alexei Rubezhnoy, head of Rosneft Igor Sechin and deputy head of the internal policy department of the Presidential Administration Timur Prokopenko.

In June 2014, a similar reform already took place in the legal lottery market. Now all lotteries in the country are held by three companies controlled by a partner of a friend of the former Minister of Sports Vyacheslav Fetisov, who lobbied for this decision. Their total revenue grew from year to year, reaching 79 billion rubles in 2019, writes the Project.
One of the results of the reduction in the casino and betting market may be a reduction in the market for pirated translations of foreign serials, journalist Yuri Sinodov draws attention to his telegram channel. Most of the transfers were funded by gambling advertisers.

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